welcome 2 my planet

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I am James .T. Fubara, A.K.A White Bishop, am a native of Ogu/Bolo L.G.A of Rivers State, all in Nigeria. Am a loyal boy, from an outstanding background.

Don`t tell me about others, cus 1day u i`ll tell people about me


Things I like doing.  I like to play soccer, chees, sing, dance, act, and to draw, I like to taste test every good food i see, and I like 2 hang out with friends.

writting these smiles to you,
to help you fight the blues.
Why spend a minute being sad...
when a smile will give you
the best day you've ever had?
There's only one way to
start the day right,
and make each hour bright.
And that's to look for the good
in everyone and every place
with a king size smile on your face.
So go ahead and smile.
It's not so hard to do.
Let the happiness and
sunshine shine through.

I hope you're smiling now!

Think....BIG To Be B-I-G